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The North Catalyst

Your professional journey is your course through life. For some it’s a direct path, from point A to point B. For most others, it’s a myriad of avenues and turns, providing a variety of opportunities. You may follow a linear path or jump back and forth through different stages. Remember, any direction you move through is perfectly fine, as long as you’re moving in a direction that makes sense for you.


Our professional journey tracks with our life journey, with natural stages, or seasons. Our priorities, perspective, strategies and options have a lot to do with where we are in life. The career worldview of a 20-something is different than that of the 40-something. Experience brings learning. The degree of freedom we enjoy alters over time.

You will have some rich experiences during the course of your professional journey and at other times you will look up to a mentor or a guide to learn and adapt and to boost your knowledge base which will help shape your future. To continually progress you will need to keep track of your goals and make sure they’re front of mind.


Your next move may be through a promotion, returning to school to continue your education, a company or career change or even staying where you are until it’s time to retire.


Each one of us wants to make a difference with our work, progress in our career and grow and obviously find happiness along the way. It is therefore important to get a grasp of your career superhighway and take a regular stock of where you are now and what’s next.


We all aspire to reach the stars, and now its possible.

With over 29 years of professional experience in Operations Management, Strategy formulation & Execution, Facilities & Property Management, Corporate Real Estate, Supply Chain Management & Procurement, Technology intervention & New age innovation, and having delivered over $500 million in savings to organisations; Business Thought Leader and Procurement Influencer "Aval Sethi" shares his best kept secrets and immense knowledge to help you thrive. 


"The North Catalyst" is a brimming hub of content, resources, information, and wisdom specifically curated and tailored to answer the everyday questions that a number of industry professionals face.


North is specifically the direction that is considered the fundamental or prime direction and refers to the journey to the top and what it takes to make your place among the stars.

Catalyst refers to the guidance and mentorship you will receive through this hub to succeed in both your professional as well as your personal journey through life.


Content Series

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Talk Show: Now Trending

  • 30 Mins Chat with Industry Leaders

  • Focus on the leader and his journey

  • Discussions around  

    • What's changing

    • What does the future look like

    • What excites the leader

    • Role of Technology in future

    • Busting a few Myths and Challenges

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Videocast: Unplugged in 99s

  • 99s videos on Business Leadership Thoughts covering

    • New Trends

    • Technology as an enabler

    • Digital transformation

    • Innovation and creativity

    • Managing Risk

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Podcast: Procurement Bytes

  • 5 Mins Podcast on Procurement & Business 

  • Themes will focus on 

    • Procurement issues & challenges​

    • Negotiations

    • Risk Management

    • Motivation & Managing Teams

    • New Trends

    • Role of Technology as enabler

    • Innovation & Creativity

    • Leadership

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Media & Communication: In the Spotlight

  • Provide visibility to Operations teams

  • Use of Digital mediums like e-magazines, newsletters, social media

  • Mapping Operations teams to industries

  • Publish achievements related to 

    • Promotions

    • Awards

    • Change of organisation

    • Change in roles

    • Special announcements & recognitions

Latest Videos


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